FAQ: Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift - a Horror-Fantasy Co-op
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Can I get multiples copies of my basic pledge?

Yes, we will accept requests for multiple orders for the basic game tier - just increase your pledge by the appropriate amount. Since the number of items available for Essen pickup are limited, please contact me directly before trying to pledge for multiple copies of that. We are still working out whether that will be possible to do. Last updated: Wed, Nov 11 2015 12:36 pm EST

What if I'm a retailer and would like a lot of copies?

Retailers interested in more than 10 copies should email us directly at info@dawnmatrix.com We'll be more than happy to work out the details. Last updated: Tue, Nov 24 2015 2:25 pm EST

Why aren’t the boards modular?

There are four key reasons why the map isn’t modular: First, the art simply wouldn’t be nearly as cohesive if it were made of modular tiles. We actually tried it that way early in the design process, but we were not at all happy with the look and feel. Our boards are filled with thematic flavour that could not be achieved with tiles. Second, the dungeons we have created have been thoroughly tested and they play great! Years of game testing have proved that changes to the maps can lead to scenarios that are less fun and interesting to play (e.g. too easy, too hard, etc.) Third, the coordinate axis system is much more flexible for writing new scenarios. And last, the setup time savings is huge. Now we can achieve a full game setup in about 5 minutes, as opposed to a much longer and more error prone process of assembling the map for each scenario.. There’s already a lot of variability in the dungeon maps with different scenarios built for each map providing hours and hours of game play, and many scenarios will probably take more than one attempt to succeed at, further extending play. Last updated: Wed, Nov 11 2015 11:27 am EST

Will everything fit in the box?

Yes! We know Dragon Dawn Productions has a reputation for conservatively small box sizes, but we have learned our lesson. Regardless of whether you’re pledging for the Kickstarter Premium or Retail Standard version of the game, we've designed the box to be 12’’ so that everything included fits inside nicely, including all of the corresponding unlocked items. Last updated: Sat, Nov 21 2015 11:47 am EST

Can I order just the miniatures or add on more of them? What about pre-painted miniatures?

Perdition’s Mouth isn’t a miniatures project, but a board game that is built to use miniatures as the optimal way to represent varying units. We believe it’s important to keep our focus on the core product: the game itself. We also believe that due to the intricacy of these miniatures, packing and shipping them safely would be cost prohibitive for such a limited reward tier. We have considered pre-painted miniatures, but because this is our first game with minis, we want to get them done right before we try something like large-scale painting. It can add significant costs and time, and we’ve been working on the miniatures for over a year to avoid any production delays in this delicate process. Also, with pre-painted miniatures it’s pretty much guaranteed that detail level would have to be lower than we would be comfortable offering our backers -and that is a tradeoff we are not willing to make. We’d rather put that in the hands of backers who feel comfortable painting their miniatures by hand (or hiring someone to do so). We’ve worked hard to make sure that the miniatures are perfect for hand-painting. Last updated: Wed, Nov 11 2015 11:39 am EST

Is the game language dependent?

The majority of cards are language-independent. The feat Hero cards include some specific text, but they can be covered with a simple crib sheet. We’ve successfully tested the game with people who do not understand English using localized crib sheets. Last updated: Wed, Nov 11 2015 11:39 am EST

Will the game be released in other languages apart from English?

This Kickstarter edition will be English only, but we are discussing about a possible German release with a credible partner. Stay tuned for details. Last updated: Wed, Nov 11 2015 11:39 am EST

What if I receive some damaged items?

We will have all the miniatures in a form fitting tray. Other components will also be packed in a manner intended to survive anything short of a box actually breaking. However, mistakes do happen, we’re aware of that. Thus, in the unlikely event you receive something damaged we will try our best to replace such items. Last updated: Wed, Nov 11 2015 11:39 am EST

What is a Timed Exclusive

A timed kickstarter exclusivity means that we're not providing the exclusive products (Witch's grotto) within a medium time frame anywhere besides this campaign and our pre-order shop. Assume the exclusivity for 2016 and likely 2017, at least. It might be that Witch's grotto is never reprinted stand-alone, but included in some future release. Last updated: Sat, Nov 21 2015 11:47 am EST

Why and How did we change the box content a week into the campaign?

We have listened to you, our backers and fans, and saw that we needed to simplify and unify the materials and components in both editions. We admit it, in an effort to make the retail edition viable while also making the kickstarter edition extra-special, we made some mistakes. The thinner cardstock was understandably unpopular, and the really long kickstarter box created its own problems. So now both editions will have high quality, cardboard 2-sided, 4-fold boards. The custom plastic insert, while dear to our hearts, was an expensive piece of the package, but wasn’t seen as adding much value to most backers, so we are ditching it so we can spend that money on adding more game, like the brand new “Witch’s grotto” add-on, fully compatible with the base content. Last updated: Tue, Nov 24 2015 2:25 pm EST

And last but not least, what is a portcullis?

What? Don’t you have one of those at home? A portcullis is a heavy vertically-dropped gate, typically made out of metal or wood, meant to fortify and secure the key areas of your keep. We use them in-game as stronger doors that cannot be opened or unlocked. But perhaps there is a lever to be found somewhere Last updated: Wed, Nov 11 2015 11:39 am EST

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